Monday, September 6, 2010

Right Now I Feel Like Talking About The Vidya Games

A few of my friends have suggested the game Fallout 3 to me, so I decided to get out of my chair and go try it out.  With a pricetag of only 20 bucks, and with a promise that Ill enjoy the hell out of it, I wandered to the farthest gamestop, bartered with a cute cashier lady, and came home to play it.

Now I wont say that the game sucked, but, it was not as great as everyone had made it out to be.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy playing it,  but there were quite a few things that will make it a classic for me.

First, the story was horrible.  (SPOILA WARNIN)

It can really be summed up in four points.

1. Find dad.
2. Watch him die.
3. Find the key part of finishing his work.
4. Finish his work.

I know this game is supposed to be about "making your own choises, and all that jazz", but I don't want to play a video game to wander around being a dickbutt for a hundred hours.  I want a game with a story that I can really get into, and have fun doing so.  F3 lacked this.

Next point, the weapon system was just horrendous.  After opening every box in every area I went to, I was lucky to have a clip or two for some of my average weapons.  I literally only had 20 bullets in the whole game for my scoped magnum.  And the repair system doesn't help the case either.  After only just a few fights, most my weapons that I had repaired to about 80% were already at a critical level. Bah.

I dont feel like ranting/typing anymore right now, so I might add on to this later.

But conclusion.  Fallout 3 was meh.

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